Milton History

a pictorial history of Milton, PA

W. H. Harris Restaurant

Riverside Hotel 38-40 S Front Street

This building was on the west side of Front Street. The First National Bank was to the left, and Gauger & Sons was to the right. The building started as the Riverside Hotel under the ownership of Robert E. Hopkins and John F. Parker. It shows as such on the map of 1884. By 1913 it was labeled as a saloon.

William Harris lived above the restaurant with his wife Katherine (Baker) in 1910. He was born in 1856 and she in 1860. In 1880 he was working as a canal boatman. By 1900, the canal was no longer in use, and he was a saloon keeper. The building became the William H. Harris Restaurant.

From Industrial and Commercial Resources of Pennsylvania, Historical Publishing Company, 1887, page 96: Riverside Hotel, John F. Parker, Proprietor - The Riverside Hotel first opened its doors eighteen years ago (1869), and has always been a general favorite with the traveling community and among all classes of citizens of Milton. Mr. John F. Parker became proprietor five years ago (1882) and entirely refurnished the house and made extensive alterations and improvements, so that now it is a model hotel in every particular. The sleeping-rooms are large, well ventilated, commodious, and comfortably furnished; gas and steam heat, toilet-closets, bath-rooms, and all the modern improvements are furnished, and a handsome barber-shop is connected with the establishment. A large livery and boarding stable supplies guests with elegant equipages, and a free bus makes connections with all trains. The house has become highly popular among commercial travelers, and sample-rooms are at hand for their express accommodation. The dining room, which will comfortably seat seventy-five guests, is noted for the abundance and excellence of the cuisine and the neatness with which everything is served. The house is always well filled and has become a most popular headquarters for business men who visit Milton from time to time. Every effort is made upon the part of the hospitable and painstaking proprietor to make his guests comfortable and at home during their sojourn with him. Mr. Parker is a native of Northumberland County, and since residing in Milton has become highly popular among all classes, and his hotel is first-class in every particular.