Milton History

a pictorial history of Milton, PA

Swartz Grocery

Swartz Grocery 58 Broadway

This building is located on the south side of Broadway, next to the Elks Lodge. Arch Street has now been extended to the south, and is just to the left of the building.

Zoom in on the picture below and feel like you just walked into the store. The owner, John Swartz, is standing on the left in a 3-piece suit with a cigar in his

J. W. Swartz

John W. N. Swartz

hand. On the counter to the right is a Zeno Chewing Gum dispenser. They were made from approximately 1890 to 1925. There is a picture of one below the store interior. The store was heated with an iron stove in the back. The stovepipe can be seen extending across the back of the room. The hanging light fixtures were operated with illuminating gas.

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