Milton History

a pictorial history of Milton, PA

South Log Basin and Lincoln Street School

South Log Basin and Lincoln Street School

From the book “Milton, Pennsylvania, the 19th Century Town on Limestone Run” by Homer F. Folk. The photo is courtesy of the Rhodes family.

Standing on the ice on the south log basin, looking northwest to the new Lincoln Street School at the corner of Fourth Street and Lincoln.

Before American Car and Foundry expanded, these log basins were used to accumulate logs to feed the sawmills and planing mills at the south end. A jack mill located just south of Fourth Street raised the logs from the river, where they were transported to the basins by a small railroad. The log basins were eliminated in 1907.

During Winter, ice was harvested from the ponds for use in the iceboxes that preceded our modern refrigerators. In the photograph, the Satteson family is scoring and breaking loose ice cakes. The scoring is being done with an ice plow with teeth, pulled by a horse. A man guides the horse and the man on the plow keeps a guide in the preceding score to control the width of the ice cake.

Fourth Street continued east over a causeway between the north and south basins, across a canal bridge and a railroad crossing to the Milton Cemetery. Seen in the photograph are the school, an ice house on the south basin, an ice house on the north basin, and a part of the causeway.