Milton History

a pictorial history of Milton, PA

Jacob Edward Weidenhamer

Home of Jacob E. Weidenhamer 233 Center Street

Jacob Edward Weidenhamer was a traveling salesman who sold school books. He lived here with his wife Alice and daughter Helen in 1910. The house was later owned by Alfred Krause.

From the book “The Front Porch” by A. Frank Krause, page 24: The front section of the house had a long history, having originally been built as a country farm house consisting of five rooms in the early 1860s by a G. J. Scheu, and later acquired by Samuel J. Shimer sometime around 1875. By this time the farm had been subdivided into building lots and Center Street had been extended from the Pennsylvania Railroad Tracks eastward to Turbot Road (later renamed Turbot Avenue).

Shimer made extensive changes to the house, adding four more rooms, two up and two down, a new front porch and extensive foundation work. The house then passed to George D. Hedenberg who extended the house even more in the rear, with another four rooms. In a few years he followed the previous owner [Shimer] by building an imposing brick house on Walnut just east of North Front Street.

Edward Weidenhammer, a Milton native who had a book publishing company in Philadelphia, and who needed more space for his growing family, purchased the house in 1908; when his business flourished in 1910, he extensively redecorated the house. On the exterior he changed the roof line to a high pyramid slate roof. This feature provided an enormous two-level attic space. On the interior, it was he who contracted with the Tiffany Decorating Company to design and install the inlaid patterned mahogany and maple floors and to redecorate the parlor, dining, and sitting rooms, and install the ornate oak staircase. At the rear, he extended the carriage house to accommodate space for an automobile and paneled the horse and buggy stalls; he also added a full second floor.

In 1912 Ed Weidenhamer told my father he had bought a corner lot on East Broadway and upper Turbot Avenue and was going to build a large brick home. Father grabbed the opportunity to acquire it for his expanding family.