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Home of Henry A. Fonda

Home of Henry A. Fonda 60 Walnut Street

Henry Adam Fonda was a railroad contractor. He died in 1896. His widow Caroline L. (Brown) lived here in 1910.

Henry Adam Fonda

Henry A. Fonda

The mansion was built in 1891 by Henry A. Fonda, a former superintendent of the Delaware and Hudson Railroad. This Richardsonian Romanesque Revival house mimics French medieval chateau construction. Under the personal supervision of Guy King, a member of the Philadelphia architectural firm of Moses & King, it was constructed of rough-hewn brown Pennsylvania mountain stone, laid in regular courses. and trimmed with "Hummelstown" brown stone. The roofs of the corner towers still retain the original red Spanish tile that originally covered the entire roof. Hale & Kelburn of Philadelphia supplied the interior woodwork, made to the architect's specifications, as well as the artisans to install it. The furniture for the entire house was specifically designed by the architects. The only known remaining piece is a clock currently owned by Edward Bartholemew. Source: Thomas Deans Learn more about Moses & King here.