Milton History

a pictorial history of Milton, PA

Home of Frederick W. Wolf

Home of Frederick W. Wolf 200 S Front Street

On the map of 1870, Wolf owned the second lot south of the bridge. The lot next to the bridge was then owned by William Haupt, a shoemaker. This area was not burned in the great fire of 1880. The Mahoning Street bridge to West Milton can be seen in the background at left. Wolf’s restaurant and hotel are in the front of the building. The Riverside Hotel, in the Baker Block, can be seen to the right, on the other side of Mahoning Street. Frederick W. Wolf lived here with his wife Hettie and children Margaret, Frederick, and Lulu in 1910.

The drawings below show how the property changed over the years between 1884 and 1913. In 1884 we see what was William Haupt’s shoemaker shop right at the end of the old covered bridge. By 1901 it had apparently been expanded to the rear, at an angle to provide clearance for the new iron bridge. By 1913, several of the buildings had been removed, and the site appears as in the picture above.

Wolf 1884


Wolf 1901


Wolf 1913