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Abraham Angeny family

Abraham Angeny family

Abraham Angeny was born October 22, 1802 in Bedminster Twp., Bucks Co., PA. On October 21, 1828, he married Leah Fretz, and they had 9 children. They lived on the property known as Angeny's Mill, in Bedminster Twp., Bucks Co., until the spring of 1848, when they moved to New Columbia, Union Co., Pa. In 1859 they moved to Milton, where Mr. Angeny perished in the great fire May 14, 1880, in his 78th year.

OBITUARY: A SAD DEATH. During the terrible fire which occurred in Milton on the 14th of May, 1880, destroying a large portion of the town, there was a sad affliction visited on the family of ABRAHAM ANGENY, formerly from Bucks county. On account of his age and feeble health, he was probably not able to get out of the way and perished in the flames. For the benefit of his many friends, who are readers of our paper, we will add an extract from a private letter to us from William Shields, a son-in-law and his wife Kate.

"The fire began just at noon, and in less than three hours, the whole of the business portion of the town was in ashes. It began in the Car Shops, and a strong wind from the north swept the fire along with wonderful rapidity. The burnt district comprises about 120 acres. But the saddest part of all, to us at least, was that Father lost his life in the flames. He was so terribly burned as to be almost beyond recognition. Had it not been for his crippled hand, and a single wristband of his shirt, we could not have identified him. We found him only a little distance from his home. How strangely and sadly the changes of life and death sometimes come over us. This aged couple had lived together in wedded life 52 years, and as cousin Kate further writes “his age and feebleness made us feel for several years past that he could not be with us long any more, but we little thought that his death would come to us in so sad a way.”

Leah died January 25,1902, at the home of her daughter Katherine in Lewisburg, at the age of 91.