Milton History

a pictorial history of Milton, PA

Milton Trust & Safe Deposit Co. Milton Trust & Safe Deposit Co. Ad

Milton Trust & Safe Deposit Co. 53 S. Front Street

This bank was located on the east side of S. Front Street. The Dreifuss Brothers building was to the left. On the map of 1884 there was a meat store at this location.

From Bell’s History of Northumberland County 1891: The Milton Trust and Safe Deposit Company was incorporated, February 17, 1887, and organized with the election of the following officers: president, John McCleery; vice-president, S. J. Shimer; treasurer, Edmund Davis; secretary, M. H. Barr; directors: W. A. Schreyer, R. F. Wilson, S. J. Shimer, John McCleery, D. M. Krauser, D. Clinger, W. A. Heinen, S. W. Murray, A. P. Hull, E. H. Heaton, Cyrus Hoffa, J. B. Godcharles, J. M Caldwell, T. S. Moorhead, and C. W. Tharp. The authorized capital is two hundred fifty thousand dollars, ten per cent. of which was paid in when the company began business, March 15, 1887; the present paid-up capital is one hundred twenty-five thousand dollars. The banking house on Front street was erected in 1888.