Milton History

a pictorial history of Milton, PA

Milton Realty Building

Milton Realty 1-7 S Front Street

This building is at the southeast corner of Broadway and Front Street. It was built in 1910 by my great-grandfather, Albert Cadwallader, who died in 1912. His father, Seth Cadwallader, bought the property along Broadway from Front to Elm street from the estate of Bethuel Vincent in 1845, and built the original Cadwallader Block, which was destroyed by the great fire in 1880. The family also had a large brick home on the corner where the Realty building is, and that was also destroyed in the fire. Through a series of transactions, Albert finally became the sole owner. In 1909 he partnered with his brother-in-law, James McConkey, the husband of Albert‘s sister, Elizabeth, to begin construction of the Milton Realty building. When McConkey, a railroad superintendent, died in March of 1909, Albert was left to build it himself.

Albert was a shrewd businessman and left a long, intricate will at his death in 1912. The property was kept in the estate to provide income for Albert‘s children. The estate was finally settled in 1972, when the last of his children, daughter Bertha, died, and the property was sold. His father, Seth, was in the grocery business at the NW corner of present-day Arch Street and Broadway. He bought that property from John Gibson in 1831, and operated his business from there until 1845 when he bought the subject property. His son Albert was 22 when his father died in 1863, and apparently took over the running of the business with his mother.

From Bell’s History of Northumberland County 1891: ALBERT CADWALLADER was born in Milton, Pennsylvania, October 11, 1841, was reared and educated in his native town, and was engaged in the grocery and provision business until 1879.

October 20, 1868, he married Annie L., daughter of Andrew Supplee of Philadelphia, and by this union they have seven children: Gertrude H.; Austin S.; Seth Iredell; Mary Louisa; Kate E.; Bertha May, and Albert.

Brownell and Galbraith

This is how the corner looked just before the Milton Realty building was built.

Albert Cadwallader

Albert Cadwallader

The building on the corner was owned by Brownell and Galbraith, who operated a news stand there, on land leased from Albert Cadwallader. The building was moved east on Broadway to the location where the canal crossed, and remains there to this day.