Milton History

a pictorial history of Milton, PA

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Relief Map of Milton, PA 1883

The map is courtesy of the Reedy family, provided by George Venios. The text below is from the book “Milton, Pennsylvania, the 19th Century Town on Limestone Run” by Homer F. Folk.

Milton recovered quickly from the Great Fire of 1880. McCleery, Runkle & Newhard are no longer in business (the fire started in their car shop). Their land holdings have been purchased by Murray, Dougal & Company, who have enlarged the plant. The log holding basins were emptied of water and filled in during the early 1900s by the next owner, American Car & Foundry.

This map has locations numbered in green for many of the buildings in town. New numbers have been added to identify additional locations.

Numbered buildings on the map:

  1   Center Street (Washington) School
  2   Milton Water Co.
  3   Reservoir
  4   Gas Works
  5   Philadelphia & Reading RR Station
  6   Philadelphia & Erie RR Station
  7   Roman Catholic Church
  8   Presbyterian Church
  9   Reformed Church
10   Methodist Church
11   Baptist Church
12   Lutheran Church
13   Evangelical Church
14   Broadway House Hotel
15   Riverside Hotel
16   Gresh House
17   Central Hotel
18   Milton Nail Works C. A. Godcharles
19   The Milton Iron Co.
20   Murray, Dougal & Co. (AC&F)
21   Shimer & Co. Mfrs. Matcher Heads
22   Milton Sieve Co.
23   Follmer &Billmeyer Sash (Fetter)
24   H. N. Swartz, Marble Works
25   Bickel & Bailey, Foundry

26   Shay & Berry Milton Boiler Works
27   D. Clinger Planing Mill
28   Milton Steam Tannery
29   R. F. Wilson Fly-Net Factory
30   W. B. Kemmerer Steam Flour Mill
31   John Knauff Planning Mill
32   Wm. Hull, Coal & Grain
33   W.P. Stout Coal Yards
34   Datesman & Son Coal Yard
35   Jacob Fetter Lumber Yard
36   W. B. Wilhelm Livery Stable
37   Chas. Malady Livery Stable
38   Old Episcopal Church & Cemetery
39   Episcopal Church
40   Baker's Grist Mill
41   Grant School
42   Hotel Haag
43   Elks Lodge
44   J. W. N. Swartz Grocery
45   Cadwallader Bldg.
46   Krauser Bldg.
47   Dreifuss Bros. Clothier
48   Post Office
49   Philips Block
50   Krause tinware

51   Haag Lower Block
52   Goodlander Block
53   Canal Lock
54   Schreyer & Co.
55   Globe Hotel
56   Haag Upper Block
57   Hoffa Block
58   Finney Building
59   Miltonian Fire Co. & Jail
60   Baker Block
61   J. H. Kreitzer Grocery
62   Franklin Bound Law Office
63   Heinen Block
64   Hackenburg Building
65   William B. Chamberlin
66   J. R. Smith Building
67   John McCleery
68   Rippel Building
69   Armory
70   South Log Basin
71   North Log Basin
72   Milton Cemetery
73   Harmony Cemetery
74   Gotlieb Brown Slaughterhouse
75   J. Sassaman Machine Shop