Milton History

a pictorial history of Milton, PA

John H. Kreitzer Wholesale Grocery

John Henry Kreitzer Wholesale Grocery 195 S. Front Street

This building was the second north of the Mahoning Street intersection. The Keiser building was to the right at 199. John Henry Kreitzer lived at 445 N. Front St. with his wife Mary C., daughter Mary, and mother-in-law Amanda C. Ettla in 1910.

Pictured below in front of the building are, left to right: William DeHart, William Correy Sr., Joseph Straub, John Kreitzer, Pietro Gazaccio, Benjamin Lohman, Benjamin Baumgardner, “Lion” the dog, two unknown boys, Jacob Straub, Brown Gehrig, William Moyer, William Correy Jr., and Thomas Cromley. Zoom in to see their faces more clearly.

Picture courtesy of the Milton Historical Society

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Cretors Popcorn Machine

The Charles Cretors Company that made the popcorn and peanut roasting machine shown in the picture above and the ad at left was established in Chicago in 1885.

John H. Kreitzer

John H. Kreitzer