Milton History

a pictorial history of Milton, PA

Front Street from Broadway - East Side

After the fire - Front Street S from Broadway - East Side

Photo courtesy of the Milton Historical Society

The view is to the southeast. The first two houses shown were owned by the Cadwallader estate. The first was occupied by D. H. Hause, and the second by Albert Cadwallader (1). To see how different this area looked after it was rebuilt, look in the Streets section. Albert Cadwallader built the Milton Realty building on this site in 1910.

The first house is on the site of Bethuel Vincent's home and tavern, which included the first Post Office. It was sold to Seth Cadwallader in 1845. The second and third houses were owned by the estate of William H. Sanderson. The third house later became the Milton National Bank, with the cashier's residence in the left part and the bank on the right. (2)

(1) Source: The PRESS, Philadelphia, PA, Monday, May 17, 1880.
(2) Source: History of Northumberland County, PA 1876. See the Milton National Bank page for details.

Picture below courtesy of the Milton Historical Society

This picture was taken from Broadway toward Front Street facing southwest, and shows the back of the Cadwallader home. Across Front Street you can see the temporary buildings used by merchants shortly after the fire. For a better view go here.

Cadwallader home - back