Milton History

a pictorial history of Milton, PA

Dale E. Ranck Funeral Service

Dale E. Ranck Funeral Service

146 S Front Street

Pictures and text from Chronicles and Legends of Milton I by George S. Venios: William A. Imbody Funeral Service employed Dale Ranck until Mr. Imbody’s death in 1914. Ranck purchased the undertaking business from the

Dale Eugene Ranck

Dale E. Ranck

estate when it was located at 122 South Front Street, moved it to 146 South Front Street, and remained there until 1927. He had established both a private ambulance service and a funeral parlor. The ambulance service was discontinued when the Fifth Ward ambulance service was established in 1947. After leaving the original Imbody funeral parlor location, the Dale E. Ranck Funeral Service relocated to 45 North Front Street at the Walnut Street intersection where it remained until 1957.

Note: This house was previously owned by Dr. James Starrett Dougal, and can be seen here.