Milton History

a pictorial history of Milton, PA

Charles Comly building

Charles Comly building

111 S. Front Street

Photo courtesy of the Milton Historical Society and Richard P. Arms, a Raser descendant

These buildings were south of the Isaac Brown building, on lots 8 and 9. The picture was taken in the 1850s, one of the few to survive. The stone building on the left is the home, which may have housed the drugstore of John Heyl Raser, who later became a successful artist. In the center is the Comly storehouse. To the right is the Derickson building. David Derickson died in 1828, and in the 1830s the building became the "Milton House" with Michael Kremer as proprietor. All were lost in the great Milton fire of 1880.

Charles Comly died in 1840, but his wife Sarah (Wright) Comly continued his businesses. She owned the property behind these buildings all the way to the canal. In the 1840s, a New Yorker named John B. Reed opened a dry-goods store in this building. In the 1870s, Caleb B. Moore had a clothing store there.

History of Northumberland Co., PA 1876: Charles and Thomas Comly conducted business many years in their store on the east side of Front street above the bridge on the lot immediately below that occupied by the Methodist church. They had bought the business from James Moodie, who was a dealer in grain and stock.

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These are ads for stores doing business in these buildings, dating back as far as the 1830s (courtesy of Homer Folk):

John Heyl Raser ad Charles Comly ad Caleb B Moore ad John B Reed - dry goods ad Michael Kremer saloon ad Daniel Griggs Marsh ad