Milton History

a pictorial history of Milton, PA

Bethel African Methodist Episcopal Zion Church

Broadway School

This school was on the south side of Broadway hill. The view is to the southwest. It can be seen on the maps of 1858 and 1870.

From Bell’s History of Northumberland County 1891: In 1802 a one-story frame school building was erected on Broadway at the site of the school house burned at that place in 1880. This was attended by the school population of the upper part of the village, and the first teacher was John L. Finney. The Broadway school house continued in use for educational purposes until 1849, when it was sold by the directors and rebuilt at a different location as an African Methodist church.

Zion African Methodist Episcopal Church, as an organized body, dates from the year 1849, when the old Broadway school house was purchased and removed to its present location on the hill east of the railroad; there it has since been the place of worship for this congregation. Traveling clergymen had occasionally visited Milton prior to the date given, but the society did not enjoy the advantages of regular pastoral care until the arrival of the Rev. Philip Lum, who has been succeeded by the following ministers: Reverends Jacob Trusty, Shadrach Golding, Samuel Gray, J. P. Laws, John Scott, John Carter, Basle Macall, Joseph Sinclair, John Carter; John Cox, John Anderson, Isaac Coleman, Charles Wallis, Mr. Spence, H. H. Baskiston, James Barnes, James Henry, John Price, Bluford Powell, Taylor Brown, Mitchell, Tillman, Dangerfield, Ephraim Frisbee, and John H. Williams, present pastor.

Photo courtesy of the Milton Historical Society