Milton History

a pictorial history of Milton, PA

Broadway House Hotel

Broadway House Hotel 38-40 Broadway

This hotel has just been rebuilt after the fire of 1880, and is on the corner of Bound Avenue. It was founded by Anthony Wilhelm, who was the proprietor for many years. His son Frederick succeeded him. A Milton directory from 1858 lists Captain A. H. Blair as the proprietor. The steeple of the Baptist church on Center Street can be seen at the left edge of the picture. The Swartz building is to the right, at the corner of Elm Street.

From Industrial and Commercial Resources of Pennsylvania, Historical Publishing Company, 1887, page 96: Broadway House, J. G. Hartranft, Proprietor, Ed Hartranft, Superintendent - The old Broadway House was burned to the ground in 1880. It was the oldest and most prominent public house in Milton, and was one of the ancient landmarks of the town. Upon its ashes was erected the present model hotel, which enjoys the same degree of popularity for which the ancient hostelry was famous, and is equipped with all the modern improvements and comforts of a home. It is a handsome three-story brick building, 63x168 feet, and contains thirty-five large, airy, and handsomely-furnished sleeping-rooms, a dining-room with accommodations for seventy-five guests, elegant parlors, commodious sample-rooms, etc. Bath and toilet rooms are at hand, and hot and cold water, gas, steam heat, and, in short, all the modern improvements are at the service of patrons. A large brick livery stable is connected with the house, and a free bus carries passengers to and from all trains. The hotel is clean, neat, and attractive, the cooking excellent, and the service first-class, and every effort is made upon the part of the genial and hospitable proprietor to make his guests comfortable. Prices are reasonable, and special rates are given to commercial travellers stopping over Sunday or for any length of time. The house is a general favorite with drummers, tourists, and theatrical troupe, and the citizens also find it so comfortable that many board and have their rooms here from one year's end to the other. Mr. J. G. Hartranft is the proprietor, and Mr. Edward Hartranft the superintendent. They are both natives of Montgomery County and are well and favorably known to the traveling public and the citizens of Milton and vicinity, and their hotel ranks second to none in this section of the county.