Milton History

a pictorial history of Milton, PA

Bijou Theatre

Bijou Theatre 53-57 Broadway

Before the fire of 1880, the Wilhelm family lived on the same plot at no. 57, but their livery was across the street, on the corner of Bound Avenue. These buildings were built after the fire, and can be seen on the map of 1884. Frederick Wilhelm was a liveryman, who died in 1871, so the new livery was operated by his wife, Mary (Huff) Wilhelm and their sons William and James. The family residence was to the right, on the second floor at number 57. By 1906 the livery is shown as “general storage”, and by 1913 it was the Bijou Theater.

The Bijou Theatre and Wilhelm buildings were burned, then replaced by the Capitol Theater, which also burned. The top of the YMCA gymnasium can be seen in the upper left corner.

Picture courtesy of George Venios