Milton History

a pictorial history of Milton, PA

Arch St S from Walnut

Arch Street
Kauffman Leather Goods

Shown in the picture, on Arch Street looking north, is the leather goods shop of John Bennett Kauffman. It is at the rear of the property on the NW corner of Broadway, owned by Dr. Uriah Q. Davis. The first building on the right is the German Reformed Church. Next is the Henry Adam Fonda mansion at 60 Walnut St. Kauffman worked as a shoemaker in Milton for about 40 years.

From Reminiscences of Milton by J. P. Kohler, The Miltonian, Sep. 22, 1921, courtesy of Heather Truckenmiller:

The next largest shop was that of Kauffman, on Arch street, at the rear of Dr. Davis’ yard. Small boys were furnished with copper-toed, red-topped leather boots at Yount’s shoe store on Front street, but men went to Long's or Kauffman's to have their boots made. A beautiful pair of calf-skin, hand-sewed, perfectly fitting boots were made at either shop for twelve dollars. When the soles and heels were worn out a new foot was sewed to the leg at a cost of eight dollars. Very neat, light and artistic ladies' shoes were made to order in both of these shops. Shoe factories, shoe-making machinery and machine-made shoes, as we see them today, were then unknown. I would gladly pay twice twelve dollars today for a pair of “Ben” Kauffman’s hand-made boots.
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