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1301 Williamsport Gazette and Bulletin: Dr. Grace Huston, Milton, who underwent a major operation Friday, was in a fair condition early today. HUSTON, Dr. Grace O. (I6728)
1302 Willis was living with his sister, Annie, and her family at the time the 1930 census was taken. ECKERT, Willis Lawrence (I2593)
1303 Wm. HULL - Grain, Coal, &c., Centre St.

This extensive business was established by Hull & Davis in 1858, on Elm street, and conducted by them until 1877, at which time they were succeeded by the present proprietor, Mr. Wm. Hull, who is a son of Dr. Hull, of this place. The building, together with contents, was entirely destroyed by the great fire of May, 1880, but was re-established the same year in its present location. The building is a two-story frame, 30x40 feet, and contains a large stock of grain, and salt, and plaster. The coal yard is adjoining this building, and covers an area of 80x180 feet, and contains a large stock of both Bituminous and Anthracite Coal from the best mines in the State. This is the most extensive business of the kind in the town, the annual sales of both branches aggregating $216,000. Mr. Hull was born in Montour Connty, Penna., June 30th, 1846, and removed to this town in 1861. He enlisted on the side of his country during the late war, and fought in the Twenty-eighth Pennsylvania Regiment. In 1869 he accepted a clerkship with Hull & Davis, which position he held until he succeeded them in business in 1877. He is a gentleman of ability, of which the business has given proof under his management. 
HULL, William McCormick (I540)
1304 Wm. P. STOUT - Coal and Wood, Lower Market St.

This business was established by the above gentleman in 1877 for the sale of Coal and Wood. The office is 12x14 feet, and the yard occupies half an acre of ground. The stock consists of Anthracite Coal of every variety, and Wood, to the amount of about $8,000. The trade is located in this town and vicinity, and is rapidly increasing, which is due to the ability of the enterprising proprietor. Mr. Stout is a native of this town, and was born Sept. 20, 1854. 
STOUT, William P. (I3686)
1305 written BAKER, George (I494)
1306 Written BROWN, Isaac Haire (I759)
1307 Written BUOY, James (I1673)
1308 written DERICKSON, David (I3938)
1309 written FINNEY, Matilda Jane (I3942)
1310 written MOORE, Elizabeth C. (I7522)
1311 written TEAS, Moses (I7761)
1312 Zion (Moselem) Lutheran Church, the sponsors were Frederick Hill (single) and Margaretha Kohlerin
HILL, Catharina (I1230)
1313                D  E  E  D

  SETH CADWALLADER & WIFE (Elizabeth Hammond)
       JOHN SNYDER & WIFE (Margaret Hammond)
 ROBERT R. HAMMOND & WIFE (Anna Chestnut)

This indenture,made the 28th day of April, A.D. 1830, between Seth Cadwallader andElizabeth his wife, late Elizabeth Hammond, John Snyder and Margaret his wife,late Margaret Hammond, and Robert R. Hammond, and Anna his wife, heirs, legalrepresentatives of George Hammond late of Turbot Township, in Northumberland County,dec'd. of the one part, and Robert H. Hammond, of the same township and county,of the other part, Witnesseth: thatthe same parties of the first part for and in consideration of the sum of twothousand dollars to them in hand paid by the said Robert H. Hammond at orbefore the delivery hereof, the receipt whereof they do hereby acknowledge,have granted, bargained, sold, aliened, released and confirmed unto the saidRobert H. Hammond, and to his heirs and assigns, all and singular, that certaintract, piece and parcel of land situate in township of Turbut, in the County ofNorthumberland as bounded and described as follows, viz: Beginning at a post ina line of John Smith's lands, then North sixty three degrees East one hundredfour perches to a post; thence North twenty seven degrees West one hundred andthirty seven perches to a white oak; thence North sixty three and a halfdegrees East forty nine perches and eight tenths to a post; thence by lands ofsaid Robert H. Hammond North thirty five degrees West thirty five perches to apost; thence South sixty eight degrees West two hundred and sixteen perches toa post; thence South fifty nine degrees East forty five perches to a post; andthence by land of Bethuel Vincent South forty two degrees East one hundredfifty six perches to the place of beginning, containing one hundred fifty fiveacres and forty perches strict measure, xxxxxxxx it being the same tract ofland which the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania by patent dated the third day ofJune 1801 (xxxx in the tolls office in Patent Docket 36, page 426) granted tothe said George Hammond together with, all and singular, the buildings andimprovements, rights, liberties, priveleges, hereditaments and appurtenanceswhatsoever thereunto belonging or in any way appertaining 
HAMMOND, Gen. Robert Hanna (2) (I6968)

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