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Milton Manufacturing Company - Puddle Mill

Milton Manufacturing Company - Puddling Mill

This view is to the SE toward Cameron Avenue. The puddling mill is to the far right. Moving left we see the faggot mill (for forge-welding a bundle of bars of iron), the bar mill, the shipping shed and the hot press department.

Milton Manufacturing Company - Puddle Mill

Milton Manufacturing Company - Nut Factory

From Bell’s History of Northumberland County: The Milton Manufacturing Company, identical with S. J. Shimer & Sons in ownership and management, was incorporated several years since and buildings were erected between the Philadelphia & Erie and Philadelphia & Reading railroads for the purpose of developing such specialties in the iron trade as should be found advisable. The original idea was never successfully carried out, however, and it was not until the fall of 1888 that the works were placed in operation under the present management. The plant consists of two frame buildings; the smaller is forty-five by one hundred twenty-five feet, with engine room attached, and in this building are four double puddling furnaces and one train of muck iron rolls; the larger building, sixty by two hundred seventy-five feet, contains one heating furnace and a ten-inch train of rolls, with other appliances for a complete rolling mill plant, and washer-cutting machines (originated and patented by Mr. Shimer in 1889) which cut from four to six standard washers at each stroke. The daily capacity is eight tons of plate iron and from ten to twelve thousand pounds of finished washers. The number of operatives varies from seventy-five to one hundred.

The picture below shows the plant looking NE from Cameron Avenue. Remains of the old canal lock can be seen to the left. The elevated track with the hopper car runs to the right into the coal crusher. The three stacks are from the furnaces that feed the bar mill, the long building in the middle of the picture.

Photo courtesy of the Milton Historical Society

Milton Manufacturing NE