Milton History

a pictorial history of Milton, PA

Law Offices of John McCleery

Law Offices of Col. John McCleery 10 N Front Street

By William G. Murdock: This building never was a house and for 60 years was a busy law office. From it were launched Murray, Dougal & Co. and many other Milton enterprises including the old Academy of Music, the Milton Trust and Safe Deposit Company, the Mountain Water Company and the Northumberland County Fair Association.

During those busy years No. 10 North Front street housed the law offices of Col. John McCleery, Clarence G. Voris and the writer. At the same time it was intimately associated with much of Milton’s progress and with a great many of the human ups and downs of this vicinity.

When Col. McCleery finally returned home to Milton (after the Civil War), he commenced the practice of law at No. 10 North Front Street and brought to his profession and to his community the unselfish services of a scholarly Christian gentleman. His home, which adjoined the office building, always was a center of culture and refinement.

Always a great sufferer from his wounds, in 1887 he called into his office as partner Clarence G. Voris, a native of Danville, who had been practicing for ten years in Sunbury.

To the north was the McCleery home, a long, low brick building. Before being remodeled it had been a warehouse from which grain, flour and whiskey from Milton distilleries were transported to Harrisburg and Columbia in flat bottom canal boats.