Milton History

a pictorial history of Milton, PA

Flood of 1936 - Center St. West

The Flood of 1936 - Looking West on Center Street

Picture courtesy of the Milton Historical Society

Looking west on Center Street from near the railroad tracks, buildings on the left are the Christ Evangelical Lutheran Church, homes at 44, 42 and 40 occupied in 1930 by Margaret Seidel, an 80 year old widow, Clara Laudenslager, whose family members worked at the silk mill, and David Rothrock, a physician. Homes on the far side of Bound Avenue at 34 and 32 were occupied by Walter Rothrock, a chiropractor, and Mae Lochman, a saleslady for greeting cards. Next is the First Baptist Church. On the far side of Elm Street, hidden in the shade of the tree, is the Methodist Church parsonage.

Coming back down the right side of the street is the Washington School between Elm and Bound. On the near side of Bound Avenue are houses at 45, a double at 47-49, and another double at 51-53, occupied in 1930 by 47 - William Spousler, a grocery store clerk, 51 - Andrew Sticker, a machinist at Milton Mfg., 53 - Elmer Bostian, a roof painter. At the right is the Joseph H. Johnson Coal Yard office at no. 55.

Below is a map of the street for reference.

Map Flood of 1936 - Center St